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Fav metal genres : doom, symphonic, gothic, prog also I listen to ambient, electronic, darkwave, some pop (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga only) 80's 70's music, rock music, movie sountracks music (Elfman, Zimmer, Shore) and classic.

- Ich liebe Dich Patrick Hausding FOREVER + THIRD WATCH fanatic +Robert Pattinson Lover + METAL HEADBANGER + Shipper ADDICTED +TV Series ADDICTED + Binge Watching ADDICTED + LGBT supporter = MY CONFUSED WORLD!

I love also all things concerning North Europe (especially Scandinavia) and its culture. Internet maniac, I love all the social network and I'm inscripted to it too. Facebook, Twitter, aNobii, YouTube. Despite the passion for internet I love reading a lot of books and watch a lot of American TV series.

I'm also the chief editor for emme fronted metal only webzine called Femme Metal, check out @

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Ugh, JESSICA. I’m liking her less and less with each episode.
Honestly, I didn’t have any huge issues with her until she pulled the resources from the human trafficking case just because mike had feelings for Paige. How unprofessional is that? Did she ever stop to think about the HUMAN LIVES she…

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I REALLY don’t know how I was able to watch such an INTENSE episode like that. Since the first seconds of the ep I was CRYING and HYPERVENTILATING. Those Paige’s scene have LITERALLY crushed my heart in tiny, little pieces. I REALLY don’t know if Paige will NEVER ever forget Mike for the decision that he was forced to take but if you want to ACHIEVE something you must cope with the consequences too. That’s it AT LEAST Paige is back at Graceland safe and sound.


"There is no team. It’s just me"

"Your word is shit…"

@ Rantakenttä, Kitee 14.06.2012

(c) Niilo Hirvonen

Lee Pace/Joe McMillan and his LEATHER jacket

Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that.
—Julie Delpy in Before Sunset (via charlottexroy)


Can we officially call the Mike/Jess pairing Mess? Because that’s what it is…


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