Escapist, Paradise Seeker.

Highly shipper of #Cruzco, in general I worshipping a lot of shippers! Highly openminded musical tastes - FAV metal bands : Nightwish, After Forever, Draconian, Epica, Tristania, 3rd And The Mortal and more (I can stay here hours and hours to list all my fav bands)

Fav metal genres : doom, symphonic, gothic, prog also I listen to ambient, electronic, darkwave, some pop (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga only) 80's 70's music, rock music, movie sountracks music (Elfman, Zimmer, Shore) and classic.

- Ich liebe Dich Patrick Hausding FOREVER + THIRD WATCH fanatic +Robert Pattinson Lover + METAL HEADBANGER + Shipper ADDICTED +TV Series ADDICTED + Binge Watching ADDICTED + LGBT supporter = MY CONFUSED WORLD!

I love also all things concerning North Europe (especially Scandinavia) and its culture. Internet maniac, I love all the social network and I'm inscripted to it too. Facebook, Twitter, aNobii, YouTube. Despite the passion for internet I love reading a lot of books and watch a lot of American TV series.

I'm also the chief editor for emme fronted metal only webzine called Femme Metal, check out @

Here you find some thoughts about films, videos, photos and quotes. Enjoy my blog and follow me.
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The goddess Jex Thoth n°2 - Live @ Init, Rome 27/04/2011

(Source: Flickr / metalitalia)